July 26, 2007

Superweek: Sheboygan

Here are the highlights from today's 25-mile (1+ hr) Women's Cat 3/4 crit in Sheboygan:

  1. GW Sara deserves the most aggressive rider award for today! Damn, did she attack a lot...she definitely helped keep the pace high and kept the race interesting and she reeled in some primes while she was at it.
  2. Speaking of primes, there must have been at least 10 throughout the race...5 of which where in the last 7 laps of the race (I was starting to get pissed every time they rang that bell).
  3. Flanders Paula had a great race too - she threw in a few nice attacks and was riding strong!
  4. My goal was just to sit in, see how my legs felt, and not get dropped.
  5. With two laps to go, it started to pour - the field was actually being pretty careful in the oily corners, so it wasn't too sketchy.
  6. The pace ramped up with one to go and the field was totally strung out - I just tried to hang on and stay towards the front. I was trying to stay on Paula's wheel coming through the last turn, and a few women in front of us decided to lay down on the pavement (and one of them didn't look good as she was laying on her neck), so we had to hit our brakes, but everyone else was far enough behind us that we were still able to roll in 8th and 9th (out of about 25). They pay 12 deep, so I actually got money today! Woohoo!
  7. Everyone was cleaned up off the pavement by the time we came through again on our cool-down lap, so I'm assuming everyone was okay which was a huge relief.
  8. So I was happy with today's race, to say the least, and I'm hoping tomorrow I'm feeling even better for my favorite Superweek crit in Kenosha.
Side note -apparently there's been some trickle-down from Le Tour. The report from the men's 1/2 race is that they finally decided to do some drug testing after tonight's race. And apparently a few guys are suddenly no where to be found.


StevenCX said...

Good luck tomorrow! Way to represent!

Anonymous said...

goal 1: met
goal 2: met
goal 3: met
way to go, Strats!
new goal: earn gas money.

Gilby said...

Awesome job!!!!! I KNEW you had a top 10 finish in ya!