June 28, 2007

random stuff

A few things that have recently led to some life changes:

  1. Buying/having a house. Turns out I find gardening more relaxing than blogging and sitting in traffic on Thursday nights trying to get to Blaine, doing 3 short races, and getting home at 10 and eating dinner at 10:30. I'll be back at the track sometime...when I'm tired of gardening. So while Skibby's comment to me at the NVGP Mpls Crit ("this must be the closest you've been to a bike in a while") made me feel guilty (even though it was not accurate), I got over it about two beer sips later.
  2. Smithers' post about side view mirrors. Ironically, just before reading his post, I almost broke off one of my side mirrors. But seriously, you should give this side mirror setup a try. I'm still getting used to it, but it's pretty cool.
  3. Riding my bike just to ride. It's a change in mindsight to not feel like I need to be training for anything and I love it. And the strange thing is that I think I'm actually riding harder than I ever did while "training". And doing social rides with friends is much more fun.

Some favorite quotes from the past week:
  • "This race just keeps getting faster every year and I just keep getting slower" - Pete, talking about the NVGP Mpls Crit.
  • "The truck is still big, but he's super nice, so I initiated a good night kiss." - a friend who shall remain nameless, referencing a second date with a cool guy who drives a big truck that scared her on the first date.
  • "Do you think that giving a 'thank you' card to a guy from a guy, when the card in question features purple as the dominant color, has homosexual overtones?" - a local female cyclist who shall also remain nameless, referencing a "thank you" card she bought for her boyfriend to send to another man.
  • "Graffitti is not just an eye-sore, it's a public safety problem" - a recording I heard while on hold with the City of Mpls when I was ordering a second recycling bin (I have to do double duty to make up for Donimator).
On a side note, 40 years is a long time to be married to someone...my parents should know. This weekend we're celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Congrats mom and dad!