July 25, 2007

Goals for Superweek

1. Stay upright.
2. Avoid heat stroke.
3. Do not get dropped.

The forecast for Sheboygan on Thursday is for rain/storms, so goal number one may be more difficult to achieve than I originally thought. To reach goal number two, my first line of defense will be to start hydrating; however, spending the day in the car makes that difficult as I'd like to avoid having to stop for potty breaks every half an hour. If I learned anything from racing at Superweek last year, it was that the key to reaching goal number three is positioning; therefore, I will do my best to make at least half of the women's 3/4 field stare at my see-through gray shorts instead of dangling off the back where no one has the opportunity to view my ass-crack.

We'll see how it goes.


StevenCX said...

Good luck! Superweek is the big time...

Anonymous said...

I just see the MASSAGE logo on the back of the shorts and wish that the MASSAGE THERAPIST were waiting for me at the finish the race:)
Perhaps you should put that in your racing contract for next year, Strats.