October 08, 2007

under construction

I wasn't sure how to fix the formatting issues on my old blog design (which I really liked), so I decided just to start over. So the blog may be under construction for a few weeks.

Questions & marathon

I have a few questions for Wordpress users:

1. Is there an easy way to turn comments off in Wordpress?
2. Is there a way to password protect a Wordpress blog - without having to pay extra for customizing CSS?
3. Have recommendations/websites for good code for password protection if paying for the CSS customization is the only option?

Props to all the marathoners yesterday who ran in crazy humidity/heat. The cyclists were out there representing....Margot, Angie, JT, and I even spotted a Cat6er. Even the newlywed Moses was there taking photos. I thought it was hot riding my bike around the course, so I have a lot of respect for those of you who ran.