July 02, 2007

PCakes gives us a scare

Patty Cakes was riding to work today and got hit by an SUV. He's fine for the most part...just really banged up and sore. He's damn lucky it wasn't worse. It was Pat's fault...he rolled through a stop sign (instead of stopping) about a block from his house and the next thing he knows he's on the hood of a Jeep. The driver of the Jeep didn't see him in time to react, so it wasn't until after impact that the driver hit the brakes and Pat went tumbling off the hood. The shaken-up driver and a bunch of people from the neighborhood instantly tended to a stunned Patty Cakes and the driver called an ambulance. The EMTs checked Pat out and gave him the go-ahead to go home instead of to the hospital (he had someone help him get home). Since he took a bump to the head (and learned a valuable lesson about wearing a helmet) and Pete and I have the day off from work, we made him come over to the house so we can keep an eye on him. He's got some nasty bruises on his face, head, shin, and shoulder...he's going to be hurting in the morning, but he knows he's lucky that it wasn't worse. His mom said I had to fill in for her and do what she would do...snuggle with Pat all day. And his dad talked to Pete and made him give Pat a big bear hug for him. He gave us all a hell of a scare today.

Please wear your helmet.

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