July 09, 2007

Hopkins Crit

Last week I told Pete that the Hopkins Crit might be my last race...ever. The Hopkins Crit is my favorite local race, so I figured it would be a good one to end on. Here's why I like it so much:

  1. I can ride there from my house and be warmed-up by the time I get there.
  2. It's flat.
  3. It has corners (unlike that other crit nearby).
  4. It's in a downtown area where there is plenty of food available after the race.
  5. They offer both a Women's Cat 4 and a Women's Open race so I can do more than one race if I choose.
  6. Cash payouts for the Cat 4 Women!
And since I love the Hopkins Crit so much, I've always wanted to do well there, so I was pretty excited when it finally happened yesterday. I got 3rd and I was pretty stoked about it. So I finally do well at a race, and I can't even provide an interesting race report. Basically it came down to the one thing I've never been good at in bike racing and life in general...patience.

And now I have a wild hair that's making me think I should do some Superweek races. It's crazy how this damn sport just keeps sucking me back in.


(dis)pencer said...

you must have awesome coach to have you on form like that!


nice job!

Super Rookie said...

good for you:)

SickBoy said...

you have a thing for ordered lists.... don't you?

Strats said...

you have a thing for ordered lists.... don't you?

I've been told by some (Hanna for example) that if my posts are too long, people won't even start to read them. Therefore, the bulleted lists just seem more efficient for everyone involved. And I'm lazy.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME job at hopkins:) Lets keep thinking about that "lead out" idea, ok? Hey, I'll read your posts if they are long:)

Strats said...

Lets keep thinking about that "lead out" idea, ok?

Julia - 'll keep thinking about it, but dang, I don't think I can keep up with you to give you the lead out! Nice work in the Open race...seriously, that was impressive!

karla said...

It can't be your last, because you're coming to the track next week, right?? Congrats on the 3rd place!

Anonymous said...

Are you considering retiring from bike racing? Seriously?