February 09, 2007

Bring it

I'm sure all of my loyal blog readers are relieved that NASCAR season is finally upon us. Yes, that's right, this weekend is the Bud Shootout, a pre-season race for all of last year's pole winners (plus previous Bud Shootout champions), and guess who's on the pole? DJ in his Prius, er, Camry. So it's time to see how the controversial Toyotas will fare in their NASCAR debut. Not sure how I feel about DJ's paint scheme for this race - although it is kind of LGResque with the crazy bright-colored numbers. There are only 21 drivers in the Shootout (as opposed to 43 drivers in a normal race), and both of "my guys" are in it. So are Dis's guy, SR's guy, Kongsley's guy, and Petey Pablo's guy. And I think it's safe to say we'll all be rooting for the Little Guy, the man with the best hair in NASCAR, Boris Said. (Note: I knew Dis was a Said-Head, but I didn't know he had taken it this far last year.)

Shake and Bake.

On a different note (which couldn't be any more different than NASCAR), I read an interesting article today titled "Why Skinny Models Could Be Making Us Fat" - as you can probably guess, the article is about all of those waifs you see on runways and in fashion magazines. There were also some photos associated with this article (click on the link to "Photos: Dangerously Thin Models") - if you don't have the time or interest to read the article, just look at the pictures because they say more than the article. I've never seen so many protruding clavicles - and I've seen my fair share of broken ones after bike crashes (including my own). The article says that models weigh about 23% less than the average woman. I did some follow-up research after reading this article, and read that many models are about 5'10" tall, and weigh about 110 lbs. Holy shit, that's crazy. I also read that when they want to lose weight fast, they go on Diet Coke and lettuce diets. Are you kidding me? The Spaniards were on to something last fall when they decided to ban models with BMI's of less than 18 (i.e. if a model is 5'9", she must weigh more than 123 lbs).

I wonder what Pat's BMI is? He was just telling me last night that he's getting fat. Maybe he meant "phat".

I gotta go eat...three heads of lettuce and 3 diet cokes may start to fill me up. Sounds like a good recipe for a big 'ol bonk.


andy said...

glad to see karla's new nickname is catching on.

Lynne said...

Serious issue here. Come on, you can't tell me that you didn't grow up with the pressure to be so thin that your bones protrude? All the fashion magazines I remember as a teenager emphasized this image. That has an impact. There must be other women out there who were exposed to that (80's and early 90's) and have a hard time accepting it's not a good look? How many of us have checked to see if our hipbones stick out further than our stomachs? How many of us have felt better about ourselves if we looked in the mirror and saw our clavicles without shoving our shoulders forward? How many of us permanently now stand with shoulders hunched forward from practicing that as a teenager to get "The Look"? If you can say that you weren't and aren't influenced by that, I think you are in the minority. Really, would you look at a realistic nude photo of a woman which shows her real cottage cheese thighs and/or cottage cheese butt and think it looks better than the woman who's so thin that doesn't happen? I'm just being honest here; I think people right now want to jump on the righteous bandwagon, but it's not necessarily the look they would prize for themselves (I'm not saying you are one, I'm speaking more of the fashion industry right now). I found the interview with the woman who invented the wrap dress (Diane something, I think) in the recent People magazine (lol, yes, I read it) hard to read, but at least she's telling it like it really is in the industry.