February 15, 2007

Doping in NASCAR?

Fuel Doping that is.

NASCAR actually has quite the inspection process to bust cheaters...and unlike cycling, it's not a "random" test, or a test just for those who are getting good results...every car is tested before and after every race.

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(dis)pencer said...

no suprise that the 19 was doping.

at least 44 is in the clear, eh?

even in nascar, it seems like people seem to think putting a lot of time and energy into cheating is going to be a better idea than putting that time into learning how to win.

it doesn't make any damn sense.
waltrip? sadler? riggs? jokes. they can't win with the juice.

kennesth and kahne, rookie move.
i hope they straighten out and fly right.

sucks for toyota too.