February 12, 2007

GTB Product Props #1

This cold weather is making me stir crazy. Yet I just can't motivate myself to leave the house and go to the gym, so I've opted to stay in, watch tv or dvds, drink wine, and blog a little more. Last weekend Pete and I headed to the family cabin for some R & R, and I decided to pack only my most comfortable, warm, cozy clothes. So I started thinking about all of my favorite clothes, shoes, and chick products. And so begins my first installment of "Got the Bonk Product Props"...giving props to all of those products that have generally made my life more comfortable. In most cases, these will be products I've come across after trying similar products that I didn't like.

Since most of the people reading this blog are cyclists, it only seems appropriate for my first props to go to a cycling product...and that product is Craft clothing. I don't know what I ever did before I discovered Craft base layers. I had heard about Craft clothing, but when I looked into buying some, I realized it was pretty expensive, so I put it off. Then one day a few years ago, I went to Hoigaard's only to discover they were having a big sale, including a sale on Craft base layers. So I bought a Pro Zero Zip Mock base layer, and my cycling life has never been the same. Once I tried my zip mock, I wanted more - I did some Internet research, and found discounted Craft clothing online at Sierra Trading Post, so I loaded up. Craft base layers keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm...they're amazing. And, I love my Craft winter wind tights too...Pete gave them to me for my birthday a few years ago, and that was the first winter that I was able to ride outside...my legs never get cold with those things on!

Here's a quick bonus product prop: after trying a plethora of saddle bags, I finally found the perfect one for my needs - the Pedro's Micro Blowout Bag - it only holds the bare essentials, and stays out of the way...I love it.

Possible future product props:
  • Cycling: shoes, sunglasses, chamois cream, sunscreen, helmet, shaving cream & razor, etc
  • Chick stuff: moisturizers, makeup, shampoo, clothes, shoes, undergarments, etc
  • Home: kitchen utensils/appliances, vacuum cleaners, coffee, alcohol, etc
It's getting to be a long winter and I'm bored, so if you have a favorite product you think I should try out, send me an e-mail: gotthebonk@gmail.com. But be prepared for me to blog about it whether I like it or not.

I hope it warms up soon...before this blog goes to complete shit.



Gilby said...

I aspire to one day own some Craft stuff--especially after the convincing reviews from you & (dis)!

Lynne said...

Ok, everyone here SWEARS by Craft. I suppose I will have to break down and get some. Thanks for the recommendation. Hmmmm....so I'm just going to have to ask because I'm finding the idea really, really funny; do you think local single women wear long johns or something under their "hot" outfits when it's sub-zero outside??? LOL!! Come on...I really want to know....

Strats said...

do you think local single women wear long johns or something under their "hot" outfits when it's sub-zero outside???

Nope...I don't think those "hot" outfits have a temperature rating. And I seriously doubt it's considered "hot" to wear a nice Craft base layer under one of those silkie camisole's with spaghetti straps!!

Angie said...

I finally bought my first craft base layer this year and agree; it's good stuff. Santini is my currently my favorite brand of bike shorts and arm/leg warmers. Tifosi sunglasses are good and less expensive than many other brands. Athleta has great yoga pants and Prana is my favorite for "wear around the house comfy clothes".

Lunatic Biker said...

The Craft stuff is unbelieveable. Smartwool is really good too.