October 25, 2006

"this guy isn't competitive stripe"

Attention NASCAR fans/members of LGR:

Did you read "We Wonder" this week? Mark Spoor was wondering whether or not Denny Hamlin should remove the rookie stripe from his car, and he says:

Isn't it time the rookie stripe comes off?

It's not like the other drivers see the stripe on his car and think, "Oh boy, I better watch out. This guy might not know what he's doing."

Instead of a rookie stripe, there should be a "this guy isn't competitive stripe." We all know there are more than a few non-rookies out there that should have some sort of warning label on their car.

Talk amongst yourselves.

I like the idea of the "this guy isn't competitive stripe" (see Michael Waltrip) in NASCAR. So who do you think is most deserving of the "TGICS"? My favorite non-competitive guy is Hermie Sadler - family dinners at the holidays must be rough for that guy.

I also like the idea of bringing the rookie stripe to bike racing - first year racers should have a big yellow stripe on their helmets. Or maybe they should have a rookie flag for their bike.


StevenCX said...

I'm on board with that! There should be two markers, one for not competitive and one for rookie. That way you can avoid the rookies so you don't crash, and not worry about the non-competitives. Or you can have both. The non-competitive marker should look something like... a Cat6 jersey! :)

(dis)pencer said...

man, super-rookie's helmet would look like a rainbow...

StevenCX said...

Hmm, I didn't know S-R swung that way...