October 09, 2006

More photos from France

I've uploaded a few more photos from our trip to France...Flickr limits the number I can upload in one month, so I'm trying to be patient.

I apologize that got-the-bonk has actually had the bonk lately. I'm not racing cross this year, so there's not much to report on the cycling front...except that Pete and I did some nice longish rides last weekend and enjoyed the fall colors. And I'm officially sad that it's getting cold.

The big news for the family is that my little sis is getting married this week...on Friday the 13th. And my mom's having Saturday brunch for a bunch of my relatives at my two-bedroom condo...should be...cozy. I'm really happy for my sister and her soon-to-be-husband, so I'm looking forward to this weekend. The wedding/reception/dance will definitely be a good time and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of my relatives.

Speaking of weddings, congrats to my Bella teammate and her Fella on their recent engagement (they're finally making it "official")!!


p.s. for those of you who enjoyed my guest blogger Chadley, rumor has it, he was inspired to start his own blog...I'll link to it as soon as he actually posts something (hint-hint).


Angie Vasquez said...

Great pictures; I'm salivating and wishing I was there instead of "cubical slavedom". Who's the bella that just got engaged?

Chucky said...

Cool photos, Strat! Any of that good French wine left?

MommaMissy said...

Please pass on chadley's blog when its up. I always enjoy reading his stuff.

Super Rookie said...

i thought chadley was very awesome with your blog.

i wish he posted more though.

seems like you had a lot of fun in France.

Have you heard about our new cash sponsor?

Super Rookie said...

The #9 has a sweet Blue Paint Job tonight!

I am pulling for him!