October 08, 2007

Questions & marathon

I have a few questions for Wordpress users:

1. Is there an easy way to turn comments off in Wordpress?
2. Is there a way to password protect a Wordpress blog - without having to pay extra for customizing CSS?
3. Have recommendations/websites for good code for password protection if paying for the CSS customization is the only option?

Props to all the marathoners yesterday who ran in crazy humidity/heat. The cyclists were out there representing....Margot, Angie, JT, and I even spotted a Cat6er. Even the newlywed Moses was there taking photos. I thought it was hot riding my bike around the course, so I have a lot of respect for those of you who ran.


Smithers said...

1. Yes, very easy. You can either disable comments completely or just turn them off on individual posts.

2. I think when you set it up you can lock it out to only authorized readers.

3. Nope, sorry.

Strats said...


1. I can't seem to find the "disable comments" option anywhere on the dashboard.

2. Yeah, then they need a Wordpress account...trying to avoid that.

suthsc said...

The default comment status is in the 'options' menu and under the 'Discussion' sub-menu.. Or.. you can use '/wp-admin/options-discussion.php' after whatever your wordpress blog url is. The option you are looking for is under the 'Usual settings for an article' heading. It's the option titled 'Allow people to post comments on the article.'

You will then be able to enable comments on an individual post basis.

As for the #2 part of your follow up, I'm not sure what the goal is. You want to have posts viewable by a selected readership without requiring them to register? If you can clarify the intention, then I might be able to provide you a usable work around.