August 28, 2007


I'm crabby. Want to make something of it? For the past few weeks, strange/random things have been happening to me. Not life-altering or horrible things, just strange and frustrating things. But it's been extremely stressful. And it seemed to all come to a head last night while I was shopping at Target. As I was trying to find the best laundry-sorting equipment/option and was struggling to make a decision, I suddenly felt like I was going to either (a) have a total meltdown amongst all the "back-to-school" shoppers, or (b) vomit. I began to panic a bit because I'm not a fan of loss of control in any form, but then I realized that the past few weeks have been so shitty that I didn't even care if "a" or "b" happened. In fact, "a" and "b" would just add to the long list of strange occurrences of late. Once I made that simple realization, I was no longer worried about "a" and "b" - instead, I felt tears starting to well-up. But even that passed quickly. I decided I needed to get out of Target quickly as the crowds and their mega-carts were driving me nuts. So I quickly grabbed the remaining items on my list, and headed for the check-out. And in that short time between near-meltdown and check-out, I passed about 10 women shopping with their newborns, and I swear every single kid under the age of one was smiling at me (or perhaps just looking at me funny). It felt like the Twilight Zone. I think I'm losing it.


p.s. if you're looking for the Downer's Grove race report, here it is - rain, shortest Cat 3/4 race ever, more rain, lots of crashes, ended up 13th (out of about 30). MN racers did well - Cam (BW), Tracy (BW), and Paula B (Flanders) were all top 10. GP/Pete's race - not so good. Pouring rain, crash fest, Marcotte went down with about 5 laps to go, Pete was the only GP guy left with one to go, and crashed hard in the last 750 meters.

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