April 25, 2007


After 17 days on the market, we have a buyer for the condo! I'm so surprised and relieved that it happened so fast that I'm not even stressing over the fact that we close on May 24th and we do not have a house to move into yet. No big deal, we just have to find a house in the next 30 days or we'll be crashing in a Pod with our stuff. We actually found a house we like and might make an offer on, but someone told me it's in Smithers' neighborhood, so we'll have to reevaluate.

I got more good news last week - Chuck called to tell me that my new bike is supposed to show up at the shop this week. Holla!

Once I get my new bike all dialed-in and we get this home selling/buying/moving business all taken care of, I may not have any more excuses for not racing. So from now on, I only have one excuse - "I just didn't feel like racing". But it was fun to ride out to Opus last night to watch the races. Unfortunately, I missed the first few races, so I didn't get to see some of my LGR teammates. But Gilby got some points in the women's race, Dis got cross-eyed in the 1/2/3's race and dropped out, Fil may have gotten cross-eyed but stayed in the race, and SR and the Little Guy hung in with the rest of the pack. So LGR was representin'. The Little Guy's looking really aero now that he's sporting the summer look - and he must be stealth because I didn't see him once throughout the whole 1/2/3's race. Then there was Patty Cakes - I know first-hand that he's been training his ass off all winter/spring, and it shows. I don't know anyone who trains harder or wants it more than PCakes. The kid's not lying when he says he's finally riding like a man. And the whole GP team is riding well - Pete and Marcotte are going to be fun to watch this year.

That's all I got.


(dis)pencer said...


ever thought about bike racing as a hobby and sport?

it's fun, and the is a nice community.

i mean, i don't want to push you into something you aren't ready for, but you should give racing some thought.


(dis)pencer said...

how's opus looking now?