December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Here's what I look forward to in 2007, in no particular order:

  1. Moving into a house with a lot of bike storage
  2. Helping my nephews learn to ride their new bikes
  3. Celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary
  4. Racing for Little Guy Racing
  5. Finding a new hobby that has nothing to do with bike racing
  6. Downer's Grove
  7. Superweek
  8. Girls Weekend in WI with all of my lady friends
  9. Snow-shoeing with friends in CO (since they actually have some snow)
  10. Traveling to Europe again
  11. Cheering for the #44 and #9
  12. A new Masi!
  13. Reading more stories about The Donimator
  14. Scrubs

Some things I'm not looking forward to:

  1. Finding and buying a house
  2. Having most of my weekends filled with training and/or racing
  3. GU to avoid The Bonk
  4. Trying to keep my blog updated more than once a week
  5. Karla moving
  6. Riding circles at Opus
  7. Temps below 20 degrees
  8. Trying to get back in shape after two weeks of non-stop eating and no exercise

Here's to a happy and safe New Year!



Smithers said...

Riding circles at Opus

Anti-Opus? For shame...

Laurel Sundberg said...

Ah, much fun. It took 4 months but we finally found one, and close tomorrow and will be very poor and have to ride in stinky old bike shorts. (Well, then again we'll finally have a wahser so not so stinky.) Good luck when you begin the hunt. --Laurel S.

Strats said...

Anti-Opus? For shame...

I know. At least I'm not advertising a Tuesday night ride (yet). It's just hard to be motivated to ride the same circles every week for six weeks. Perhaps I'll do half of the Opi, and half Urthel rides.

It took 4 months but we finally found one...

Herein lies part of the problem - I know looking for houses is all-consuming, and I just don't have 4 months of time to spare!!

Chucky said...

Make Pete do it, or get a realtor. Basket weaving? You should take up guitar, then you can get a stratocaster!

Donimator said...

Don't believe the Hype about Donimator...the stories get better with age

karla said...

Add under things you're looking forward to in 2007:

15. Visiting Karla in California