November 07, 2006

LGR update

I've gotten a few more questions, so I thought I'd share:

What do the LGR kits look like?
Oh, they're cool. Think they're not? They're very celestial.

Does the Little Guy really have hairy legs?
You tell me:

I haven't seen Tuffy out riding for a while, is he doing some secret training?
Only the monkey knows.

So I see that Time is one of your sponsors, does that mean Smithers is joining LGR?
While that would be a natural fit, I think Smithers prefers to race against Super Rookie at the track so that he has something to talk smack about. But maybe if Ped joined, Smithers would reconsider.

What do some of the LGR member's tattoos look like?
I'm glad you asked. Guess the LGR team members:

Are you really getting a tattoo?
No mom. No Pat. But I would like a NASCAR belt buckle.

What's the most number of piercings that a LGR team member has?
I haven't taken a poll yet, but I'm told there's one team member that has that might be tough to beat. Although rumor has it Gilby's going for nine.


Smithers said...

does that mean Smithers is joining LGR?

I don't join teams. I start teams and then people join my team.

(dis)pencer said...

i don't know, but who ever has the 48 beltbuckle and the $300 jeans must be totally awesome...

Gilby said...
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Gilby said...

For the record, I have no tattoos. I have been pierced in three places (not counting cupid's arrow through my heart), none of which currently contain any jewelry.

Strats said...

Hmm. I must have been misinformed about Gilby going for 9...maybe it was the Little Guy instead.

(dis)pencer said...

For the record, I have no tattoos.

thats true. as a part of her parole, gilbys gang tats were removed via laser.

our team is so badass.